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Talim-ul-Islam Ontario is licenced by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) as a Transfer Service Operator - Class 2 (Restricted), under Licence # XX-1502.

The BAO has a Consumer Information Guide that can be accessed online that has useful information regarding your rights and responsibilities when choosing and entering into agreements regarding internment of your loved ones. This guide can be accessed by clicking here :

The passing of someone you love and care for is one of the most heartbreaking and emotional time that you will endure. In order to lessen the burden on the grieving family during these difficult times, we at Talim-ul-Islam are dedicated to assist. Our group of volunteers will be there to hold your hand and guide you through all the necessary procedures, to make this time as easy and as smooth as possible for you.


There are no charges or costs to you, except for:

       a. the necessary legal documentation required by law,

       b. the cemetery costs (cost of Grave plus Opening and Closing costs) paid directly to the cemetery

 and c. any transportation costs if outside our catchment area, paid to an accredited third party. Our contact will let you know if this is the case, and make the arrangements for you if you so choose.



The services provided by Talim-ul-Islam include the following:

  1. Assisting you with the release of the body.

  2. Transportation of the body to our Centre, provided it is in our catchment area.

  3. Cold storage. We have a capacity of up to 4 bodies.

  4. Preparing the body, using our ghusl (bathing) facility.

  5. Providing a Kafan, the necessary shrouding cloth.

  6. Providing a Coffin (Wooden Box)

  7. Use of our facility for Salatul Janaaza (prayer for the deceased).

  8. Transportation to the cemetery, provided it is in our service area.

  9. Assist you in obtaining the Burial Permit, and completing the Death Registration

What you should do when the need arises?

Call one of the following three numbers

                  Zameer Khan                  416-803-5079    or

                 Imam Salim Dukureh    416-727-1077    or

                 Kamal Azeez                  416-417-3353    and we will Insha-Allah be there to assist you.

Talim-ul-Islam uses the Beechwwod Cemetery located at Jane and Steeles Avenue. We have a good relationship with the management at this cemetery, and can provide you with all the assistance you need if dealing with them.

Janaaza Facility at Talim-ul_Islam Centre
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