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Eid Prayer at Home

Performing the Eid Prayer at Home

Performing the Eid Prayer at home is permissable, when you are unable to join a congregation.

Rules For Eid Prayer at Home
  1. No Adhaan  or Call to Prayer
  2. No Iqamah or Call to start of Prayer
  3. No Khutba necessary, although it may be given by a member of the assembled congregants. See the link to Sheik Yahya Ebrahim's video for the requirements of the Khutba.  It is also recommended that if possible, you may go online and listen to a khutba, although this is not wajib (or essential).
  4. The prayer may be either 2 or four rakats. The procedure we recommend is essentially the same as 2 rakats Nafl prayer, with extra takbirs (Allahu Akbar).
  5. The extra Takbirs are recited before Surah Fateha in both rakats.
  6. There should be a short pause between each Takbir.
Method Recommended
  1. Start with the Niyyah or Intention, recited silently to perform the Eid Prayer.
  2. Start with the opening Takbir (Allahu Akbar), then recite the opening Thana or Dua.
  3. Now recite the extra Takbirs. We recommend reciting 7 (seven) extra Takbirs at this point.
  4. Now begin the recital. (Auzobillah, Bismillah, Surah Fateha followed by another surah)
  5. Then continue to Ruku, and Sujood as per normal to complete the rakat.
  6. Complete the rakat by reciting the Takbir (Allahu Akbar) and standing up to commence the second rakat.
  7. Once standing recite 5 (five) additional Takbirs.
  8. Then recite Surah Fateha, and another Surah.
  9. Continue to complete the Prayer by performing Ruku, Sujood and Salaam.

The following link on YouTube from IIT in Toronto also explains the how to go about performing this prayer.  Note that the number of extra Takbirs recited varies from one school of Islam to another, so the number of Takbirs shown in this video is different, but the intention and procedures are essentially the same. It is included here because it offers the opportunity for live connecting to an Eid Khutba on Eid Day.

Eid Prayer During Lockdown - Step by Step:
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