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The Talim-ul-Islam organization has been in existence since 1972. The organization operates legally under the name Talim-ul-Islam Ontario. It operated out of its members homes until 1992 when it acquired the building at 86 Rivalda Road. After 9 years it finally obtained the necessary permits to allow the building to be renovated and used as a place of worship, and to allow us to conduct our affairs.


The aims and objectives of our organization are:

  1. To provide an Islamic based organization.

  2. To create conditions conducive to the growth of Islamic education.

  3. To foster and promote a spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood and co-operation between other Muslim organizations and to organize religious activities.

  4. To acquire properties and assets useful to those ends.


​In light of this we started by establishing an Islamic School at the centre. Unfortunately we had to close it down because we were unable to successfully secure all the necessary permits. Instead we started our daily Salaat Program, set up space for the Islamic Bookstore, and started our Madressah program.


The organization is entirely volunteer driven, we have no persons on our payroll. All the monies we collect are used to operate the centre, and to help us achieve the objectives we set out.




The Talim-ul-Islam Centre is recognized as a very Family friendly organization. There are equally as many women, if not more, than men at all our functions.

Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of some dedicated individuals, as well as a very supportive Jamaat we now provide:

  1. All the required prayer services at our centre,

  2. Full Madressah Services,

  3. Complete and comprehensive Ramadaan program and Services

  4. A complete Funeral Service facility

  5. An amazing Bookstore at our centre

  6. An Umrah program

The primary contacts at Talim-ul-Islam are:

​      Br Kamal Azeez         416-417-3353

      Imam Salim Dukereh  416-727-1077

      Br Zameer Khan        416-803-5079

      Sr.Hazrabibi Ali           416-745-5606

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